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August 27, 2012

After firing 5 times with torch on a screen. 960 Pro cast pieceTorch firing for the 4th time

I have been experimenting with torch fired enameling on Argentium 935 sheet and 960 Pro cast pieces. We just completed a class at JSI in Torch Fired Enameling with Werner Cronauer. I have been very pleased with the results. The flowers were cast 960 Pro with 18k gold granules fused around the center and then fired the enamels on a wire screen  4  times. Colors stayed true. I did no pickling except  just to make the 18k gold balls clean. The rest required no pickling. The next piece is also 960 Pro cast piece.

This piece was fired 6 times:

Fired 6 timers with a torch. 960 Pro cast piece

Fired 6 timers with a torch. 960 Pro cast piece

The following are projects done by students:

Janise Simmons all 960 Pro cast pieces

Janise Simmons all 960 Pro cast pieces

Janise Simmons

Martha Soto – 960 Pro cast pieces and 935 sheet and wire

Claudia Rush

Claudia Rush- 960 Pro cast pieces in front, 935 sheet in back

Claudia Rush

Claudia Rush- Details -all 960 Pro cast piecesMartha SotoDetail Martha Soto rings

  1. These look fantastic! I really need to take these classes!

  2. Very cool! Just a quick question though, how are you cooling these, more curious than anything, but always keen to learn something no matter how small the chance of my using it.

    Thanks you.

  3. kaia permalink

    beautiful!! So is the 960 formulation considered safe to enamel on?

    • The 960 Pro casting grain is what these were cast with. No problems enameling on them. The 935 sheet and wire seemed to enamel well also. So far, I have not fired 935 more than 3 times.

  4. I used 935 sheet and wire and granules on a pendant and enameled with a little beehive kiln a couple of weeks ago, just to test it. The 935 worked well, and enamel piece I did I fired 3 times. I turned off the kiln with the lid on, and let it cool for a while,, slower…when I took the lid off too early the enamel would crack. with the lid on, it did not.

  5. Mary Whittle permalink

    I wonder if different brands of enamel will work differently and if leaded vs unleaded would make a difference. Do you have a preference?

    • I had a student combining enamels last week and she had some “popping” issues. She said it would have happened on any metal and was due to using various enamels that were not so compatible.

  6. so sheet argentium should be good to enamel on, how do you harden it after firing it

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