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March 26, 2012

I have cast .935 Pro Casting Grain, .935 Regular Casting Grain & .935 Scrap sheet & wire left over from the semester. Here are the results. The raw castings show the most difference as the Pro is the whitest. The Pro casting grain is definitely whiter directly from the flask.

After pickling, you can see a slight difference in color between the three. After wire brushing and polishing, it is very difficult to tell the difference. I cleaned, polished and prepared to granulate on the castings.

I then granulated on each with equally successful results. I first coated each with yellow flux, added the granules, then fused on a charcoal block as usual. There seemed to be no difference.

The liver of sulfur patina was very slow to blacken the Pro. The 935 darkened rapidly and immediately turned black. The scrap was a bit slower and went through stages of golden colors before turning black. The Pro took over twice as long to achieve the dark black as the other two did.

Results were pleasing as I continue to use ALL of the scrap I have as long as I have not soldered. I have previously hammered and formed scrap from an ingot cast into a charcoal block and had very successful results.

  1. Lulu permalink

    Very interesting that you can cast Argentium from scrap. I look forward to doing my own experimenting. Thanks for the info. I have worked in Sterling Silver for years and am excited about working with a much cleaner metal and less harsh chemicals. I have already noticed my bench time is less overall when constructing in Argentium.

  2. Ronda, which rouge did you use? Blue diamond, white?

    • Jennifer, Just used regular tripoli followed by red rouge. I sometimes use ZAM or Fabuluster.

    • Sorry, 4 months later…just now figuring out “notifications” on the Blog… all quite new to me but working on getting more info out there.
      I used red rouge on this. At home in my studio, I use green rouge. Sometimes ZAM or Fabuluster.

  3. TMR permalink

    It is amazing they look not much different after wire brushing. I love Jewelry Studio Intl science lob!!

  4. TMR permalink

    I’m sorry I posted before correct the name!! and I posted to a wrong page too!! Oh my goodness don’t block me please!

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